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Founded in 1975, family-owned B.E.G., headquartered in Lindlar, Germany, has stood for quality and innovation for over 40 years. From the very beginning, our team's focus has been on satisfying customers. The B.E.G. product range is divided into six product lines: LUXOMAT®, LUXOMATIC®, LUXOMAT®net, SAFETYLUX®, CHRONOLUX and B.E.G. SMARTHOME®. B.E.G. offers customers a wide product range, individual solutions, outstanding quality and personal service.





The former administration building becomes a research and development centre with a light laboratory. For some time now, B.E.G. has its focus on networked products (e.g. DALI, LON, KNX). Thanks to the new development centre, B.E.G. is able to react to demands on the market within a short time.


The new administration building was build next door to the production and distribution centre. The new building is equipped with modern KNX bus technology and B.E.G.’s own KNX products, which provide for an important cost reduction of the operating costs. These products are also used in a research project of TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences).


On an area of almost 4 ha, the current European distribution and logistics centre with adjoining production and development facilities started operation in Lindlar. 4 years later, the logistics centre was extended by several thousand m² to meet the increasing demand.


B.E.G. was one of the first companies in Germany to produce motion detectors and automatic lighting. Since then, B.E.G. has produced many generations of motion detectors, which are installed primarily outside buildings, in particular for security.The rapid growth in building automation and the resultant rise in demand for intelligent control products has led to the continual expansion of the daylight-dependent/occupancy-dependent detection business. The installation of occupancy detectors is being driven not only by convenience, but also now by cost reduction through energy saving, and environmental protection.


The foundation stone of our comprehensive range was the development and production of emergency lights. Shortly afterwards came the production of complete systems for emergency lighting installations. While B.E.G. still has emergency lighting in its range today, this of course comes with state of the art technology and energy-saving LEDs.

B.E.G. has an ever increasing number of branches and agencies in many countries of the world. Each branch or agency employs well-trained personnel offering the best support possible in all issues with respect to building automation.


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