High ceilings, long corridors, large halls - these are all places where the PD4-GH sensors from B.E.G. Brück Electronic GmbH can be used. Thanks to the telescopic light sensor that can be pulled out, the measuring range can be optimised even for an installation height of up to 16 metres. Together with the adjustable parameters, this ensures reliable and energy-efficient constant light control. The oval detection area is optimally designed for use in long aisles: It has a diameter of 30 m in longitudinal direction even for frontal movements. Thus, the PD4-GH sensors create safety and comfort for hall users. B.E.G.’s PD4-GH sensors are available as switching version and for KNX, DALI, DALI-SYS, DALI-LINK and BMS DALI-2.

The partnership with Casambi is brand new. The built-in Bluetooth modules from the Finnish manufacturer enable wireless control of the PD4-CAS-GH DALI-2 and PD4-CAS-GH models via the Casambi app. The PD4-CAS-GH DALI-2 model has an integrated DALI-2 power supply to which DALI control gear can be directly connected. The individual devices, which are also visible as luminaires in the app, can be logically networked with each other. There is no need for a physical connection via the DALI bus. The PD4-CAS-GH model comes without a DALI-2 power supply, but otherwise has the same functions. It can also be wirelessly linked to all units after connection to mains voltage.

This opens up completely new freedom for lighting control in high-bay warehouses. The Casambi app is used to control the nearest device in the mesh network, which takes over communication with other devices. Desired lighting scenes and extensive automatic functions can be quickly realised using the app. In addition, other Casambi-enabled devices such as wireless push-buttons can also be integrated. For those who like to rely on luminaires, push-buttons and sensors within a pure Casambi network, the PD4-CAS-GH is the perfect device for use at great heights.


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