Optimum detection in corridors

Most occupancy and motion detectors have a circular 360° field of detection, whose area is usually larger than the room to be monitored. This means that rooms such as offices or conference rooms are adequately covered. For elongated areas such as corridors, however, a relatively large number of detectors having a round detection zone would be required to cover the area. For this reason, B.E.G. offers occupancy detectors with an elongated detection zone using special optics. They enable reliable motion detection over a long distance, even if the person is moving towards the front of detector.

Corridor occupancy detectors

Large buildings with many rooms, such as administration or school buildings, are characterised by long corridors connecting the rooms. Often, these corridors are even windowless. And yet, for security reasons, they must be well lit at all times so that every passer-by can reach their destination safely. In many of these buildings, the light in the corridors is therefore permanently on, even though the corridors are only used for short periods.

Corridor occupancy detectors switch the light in an energy- and cost-efficient way. Thanks to the large detection ranges of the devices, the corridors are completely covered with just a few occupancy detectors. The occupancy detectors have to be mounted at a mandatory mounting height between 2.4-2.6m.

Corridor occupancy detectors for large mounting heights

Long aisles with very high ceilings, such as in high-bay warehouses, are a particular challenge. Here, too, detectors with elongated detection ranges are used. They additionally have a telescopic photocell to optimally detect the brightness on the floor. You can find more information here.

Outdoor detector as corridor motion detector

In some high-bay warehouses the total height is subdivided with intermediate levels. These intermediate levels can be optimally covered with an LC-ClickN 140. The detector, which was actually developed for outdoor use, has a narrow detection angle of 140°. Mounted in front of the aisle of the intermediate level, it reliably detects all persons entering the intermediate level.

Mounting recommendations


Due to their special optics, the B.E.G. corridor occupancy detectors have an elongated detection range. This is aligned along the corridor and then covers up to 40m. In order to make optimum use of the detection range of the occupancy detector, it has to be installed at its mandatory mounting height!If the aisles to be monitored meet other passageways at their ends, incorrect switching may occur. This can be avoided by placing a detector at each end of the aisle to be monitored. The side facing away from the aisle is then covered with blinds. This ensures that only movements in the desired area are detected.


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Part number





Switching Motion detector with one channel
BL4-C-FC 93284 Switching Low cost motion detector with one channel
PD4-M-1C-C 92586 Switching Occupancy detector with one channel
PD4-M-1C-C-PS 92480 Switching Occupancy detector with one channel and safety circuit by NC contact
PD4-M-2C-C 92143 Switching Occupancy detector with two channels
PD4-M-TRIO-C-3P92746 Switching 1-channel occupancy detector with two simultaneously operating relay outputs
PD4-M-DIM-C92217 Dimm Dimming occupancy detector with 1-10V interface
PD4N-M-DACO DALI-293460 DACO/DALI Occupancy detector with integrated DALI application controller
+ Corridorlens PD4N93073 Type A For optimum detection range in corridors
PD4-S-C92444 Slave Slave melder


Corridor detector for DALI systems

For all bus-operated B.E.G. DALI occupancy detectors (SYS, LINK and BMS), there is the cost-effective option of converting the PD4N type sensors into a corridor sensor using a separate corridor lens. To do this, simply remove the PD4N lens and replace it with the corridor lens. The sensor then no longer has the round detection range of 24m, but an oval one with 40m.

Product Part number  Technology Description
PD4N-DALI-SYS 93340 B.E.G. DALI-SYS Long range DALI multi-sensor
PD4N-DALI-LINK 93377 B.E.G. DALI-LINK Long range DALI multi-sensor
PD4N-BMS 93311 B.E.G. BMS Long range DALI multi-sensor
Corridor lens PD4N type A 93073 Accessories Separate corridor lens type A

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