Keep the distance - from your light switch

Even if you do not see them, they are there: Viruses, bacteria and fungi colonise by the thousands surfaces that are touched by many different people. Also light switches are becoming a danger of infection. This can easily be avoided if the light is not switched manually but automatically by motion detection. This is not only more hygienic, it also saves noticeable energy costs.

There is always a time:


Transmissions by contact

If many different people have to use the same light switch, a source of danger arises through which viruses, bacteria and fungi are transmitted.

Energy consumption

The light is activated until it is switched off again with the light switch. If this is forgotten, energy is wasted.


An occupancy detector activates the lighting as soon as movement is detected. Touching the detector is not necessary for this.

Energy saving

The light is switched on and off automatically by motion detection. This results in significant energy savings.

Comfort and safety

Whenever people are in the room, it is optimally illuminated. This significantly increases comfort and safety.


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