SAFETYLUX® State-of-the-art emergency lighting via DALI bus

The new generation of Safetylux emergency lights was optimized by B.E.G. lighting experts. The result is a bright and very uniform LED light illlumination of the escape route symbol. The new electronics and software no provide a wide and extensive list of functions, including the integrated automatic test function. A special highlight is the variety of convenient maintenance options for emergency lights.

Settings, test results and faults can be quickly read on the emergency light via LEDs or via the read out on the BEG operated smartphone app. Among other things, the app will include the latest test results, version and part number will be displayed. Likewise, many settings such as the time of automatic tests can be configured.

All of this makes it much easier, particularly in smaller properties without their own emergency lighting bus system, to meet the legally required inspection and documentation obligations.



The new LED emergency lights with convenient comfort functions

  • Energy saving technology
  • Long life / no lamp replacement
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Very good illumination

  • Bidirectional B.E.G. Smartphone App
  • „Readable with the smartphone
  • „Settings via smartphone
  • „Functions immediately after installation.
  • Automatic self-test
  • „No manual examination necessary
  • „Only monthly and visual inspection
  • „Great time and cost savings

  • DALI bus monitor
  • „With B.E.G. DALI-SYS common monitoring of emergency lights, lights and B.E.G.- DALI-SYS components such as multi-sensors
  • No visual control
  • Monthly check on PC or smartphone incl. automatic documentation

Central emergency lighting management via DALI-SYS

All ceiling / wall emergency lights are optionally available with DALI interface. These can be used to integrate the emergency lights in B.E.G. DALI-SYS. The otherwise cumbersome commissioning of DALI emergency lights is solved very simply, because the DALI address of the emergency light can be read via the remote control app.

All system emergency lights can then be conveniently displayed on the PC, tablet or smartphone via the web interface and the (automatically performed) test results can be viewed and output as PDF Üles. The test times can be set in the system, so that, for example, the routine tests take place after hours.

SAFETYLUX® Portable LED - Safety to go

The portable B.E.G. Emergency light SAFETYLUX® Portable LED was equipped with modern LED technology. The integrated battery with deep discharge protection enables a 3hoperation of the main light and 12h operation of the secondary light. The charging unit is integrated directly into the luminaire and the charging cable can also be found there. If the light is connected to the mains, the emergency light automatically activates in the selected operating mode in the event of a power failure. The swiveling light head can be individually aligned so that the required area is illuminated even when the light is switched off.

The Portable LED offers three different operating modes, which can be selected with the supporting hand via switch on the light head. This makes the luminaire ideal for most work and emergency situations.

With the extremely powerful 10 watt LED spotlight, large distances of up to 150 m can be speciÜcally illuminated. The uniform illumination of rooms or larger areas is made possible by an LED ring. To point out far-reaching danger spots, the LED ring has aâashing light function. Optionally a suitable Ülter assortment in the colors yellow / red / green is available.


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