New generation DALI compact occupancy detector

The new generation of DALI-2 compact occupancy detectors is flexible in its application. Thanks to their adaptable design, the detectors offer the option of adapting the type of mounting to the individual  circumstances or converting it with appropriate accessories. In addition, some components are available in different colours. Existing devices can be easily replaced with the new DALI-2 certified detectors. The current status information of the now bidirectional detectors can be read out via the B.E.G. One app, among other things. The new logic functions include improved dimming control, adjustable control dynamics and other new parameters that promise more flexibility in use. The integrated DALI-2 power supply guarantees the connection of luminaires with up to 80 mA. If this is not sufficient, another power supply unit can even be connected in parallel.



  • Occupancy detector with integrated DALI application controller for energy-efficient lighting control
  • Integrated DALI power supply
  • DALI interface for controlling digital, dimmable ECGs in broadcast mode
  • Single master version, not networkable
  • Software is downward compatible with the first generation (except DSI, double lock and
    corridor function)
  • Factory setting 10 min follow-up time and 500 lux brightness set value
  • The remote control used for the previous model can still be used for basic functions.
  • Familiar functions
  • Manual switching or dimming via conventional pushbuttons
  • Powerful switching relay for different operating modes, e.g. Cut-off function for DALI ballasts, HVAC, blackboard illumination (depending on product variant)
  • Detection area can be extended with slave devices
  • Status LEDs can be activated / deactivated
  • Super-flat occupancy detector also available (PD11)
  • Accessories in various colours optionally available
  • Accessory for surface mounting available
  • Wall bracket available for PD4N and PD2N
  • Optionally available surface-mounted base for wall bracket enables cable feed from the side
  • Up-to-date status information thanks to bidirectional IR communication enables fast integration into the project management function of the B.E.G. One app
  • Indication of the current light sensor value in the B.E.G. One App
  • Self-check and display of device errors in the B.E.G. One App
  • PIN code
  • Complete range of functions can only be activated using the BLE-IR-Adapter and a compatible Smartphone or Tablet (Android, iOS).
  • Semi-automatic, full automatic, presence-independent or light-independent mode adjustable
  • Adjustable regulation dynamics (minimum and maximum values)
  • Adjustable speed and delay of the regulation
  • Mixed light measurement with internal and external light sensor (depending on product variant)
  • Integrated daylight harvesting circuit (or switch output)
  • Adjustable switch-on value
  • Last value – Reminder function for switch-on value
  • Adjustable brightness set value and reflection factor
  • Corridor function – Deactivates the possibility to switch off the light via the push-button
  • DALI output power can be increased with accessories
  • Number of DALI participants can be determined quickly and reliably via the B.E.G. Online DALI Line Planner
  • More overview thanks to fewer products with increased range of functions



Fewer products, more overview, increased range of functions



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