Fast, intuitive and easy programming

With B.E.G. One, your smartphone becomes the remote control for all B.E.G. products. The new, intuitive design enables quick orientation. The bidirectional B.E.G. products can also be programmed with this app. In addition, a cloud connection now allows the exchange of information and collaboration with several employees on a project.

The B.E.G. remote control app “One” is the easiest way to program all remotely controllable occupancy and motion detectors, twilight switches, luminaires and emergency lights from B.E.G. All products in one app: that is B.E.G. One.

IR adapter

To use the app, the B.E.G. IR adapter (audio) or the B.E.G. IR adapter (BLE) is required. The IR adapter must be charged before use. When using the B.E.G. IR adapter (audio), the volume must be set to maximum.


In the user-friendly navigation, the user can either search for the desired remote control or the product to be programmed. When reading out the bidirectional products, the appropriate interface appears automatically. For explanations, descriptions of the respective function are stored with the individual parameters and commands. Uni- and bidirectional devices. The unidirectional products of B.E.G. can be programmed via the remote control interface.

The desired values can be sent to the product individually or in a selection. The bidirectional products from B.E.G. can also be read out, i.e., the values stored in the device are displayed in the app. These can then be sent individually, in a selection or completely.

Data exchange via cloud

Via the cloud, it is possible to create projects in the app, work on them together within the company and exchange information about their current status live within the team. For this purpose, project data is temporarily stored on a cloud server. During or after the successful implementation of a project, this data can also be downloaded as a PDF for documentation purpose.

In the download area you will find a Windows tool with which you can download and save your project. If you want to edit the project again at a later time, you can use the Windows tool to load the project back into the cloud. This gives all authorised employees access to the project again.



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