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  • KNX mini occupancy detector with integrated bus connector
  • KNX Secure ready
  • HCL/RGB control
  • Parameterisation from ETS 5 for integration into KNX systems
  • Individual adaption of the PIR sensor sensitivity
  • Mixed light measurement using internal and remote (optional) light sensors
  • Intelligent semi-automatic mode, occupancy-independent regulating mode (photoelectric switch), full automatic mode
  • 1 x light output (for regulating or switching), 1 x slave output, 3 x HVAC outputs (separately programmable)
  • Regulation of up to three lighting groups using offset (external influence possible)
  • Short presence, self-adjusting follow-up time, corridor function
  • Various locking functions
  • Soft-start
  • Two logic modules
  • Recall of light scenes
  • Deactivatable status indicators
  • The product database for import into the ETS database can be downloaded from the B.E.G. homepage.
  • Detection area can be extended thanks to master-slave-mode
  • Extensive optimization options for light measurement
  • Measured light value is communicated to the bus
  • Adaption of dimming curve
  • Bidirectionally remote control-capable with the IR adapter and the B.E.G. smartphone app
  • PIN code
  • IR remote control-capable via IR remote control (optionally)
  • 5 button remote control, programmable at choice (accessory)
  • Programming button (phys. address) can be operated via remote control
  • HVAC mode (0=automatic, 1=comfort, 2=stand-by, 3=economy, 4=antifreeze/heat protection)
  • Manual influence via external KNX push buttons possible
  • Function control (heartbeat, cyclical sending)
  • Occupancy simulation
  • Forced switch-off
  • Intelligent central-off function
  • Premonition of switch-off
  • Burn-in function for fluorescent lamps selectable from 1h till 100h
  • Behaviour upon bus voltage return definable at choice
  • Variable safety pause after switching off the lights
  • Typical applications:
    Offices, conference rooms, schools, nursery schools, hospitals
Ø 33 x 32 mm
typ. power input:
12 mA
Detection area:
horizontal 360° (Ceiling mounting)
max. Ø 10 m across
max. Ø 6 m towards
max. Ø 4 m seated
Monitored area (tangential movement):
78 m² / 2.5 m mounting height
Mounting height min./max./recommended:
2 m / 5 m / 2.5 m
Degree / class of protection:
IP20 / Class III
Impact strength:
Temperature measurement range:
-5 °C to +45 °C
Ambient temperature:
-25 °C to +55 °C
polycarbonate, UV-resistant
Number of light sensors:
Number of PIR sensors:
KNX TP 256:
Orientation light:
5 – 100 % / OFF / 1 min – 255 min
Night light:
5 – 100 %
Brightness set value:
5 – 2000 Lux
Description Colour Part number EAN number
PICO-KNXs-DX-FC white mat, similar to RAL9010 93529 4007529935291
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