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The new B.E.G. OCCULOG® VOC wall sensor measures air quality and humidity and is also a temperature controller. The air quality is determined on the basis of the organic volatile substances (VOC) in the air or CO2 eq. One status LED each indicates the current status of the air quality and humidity in the traffic light colours red, yellow and green. Of course, the measured values can be used for subsequent programming.
For example, if the air quality is poor, the air conditioning can be switched on or an automatic window can be opened.

Individual control possible

Temperature control is also very simple: by means of limit values in the ETS, heating or cooling can be activated via a heating actuator. The status LED indicates heating in red and cooling in blue. The room user can also change the temperature individually via the integrated rotary wheel. The rotary wheel does not necessarily have to be used for temperature control; alternatively, it can also be used as a controller for air quality (ppm set value) or for humidity (relative humidity set value). The air quality sensor offers the room user yet another option for individual control: if a night setback is stored in the system, the user can activate the comfort extension via the integrated button.

More comfort with KNX components

The new wall sensor fits into all standard 55x55 switch frames, an additional adapter for 63x63 switch frames is included. Further KNX components enable even more comfort, for example, the measurement data can be output via a visualisation. The user then has the option of specifying desired values. The control can also be linked to presence via a KNX occupancy detector.


All functions of the KNX VOC sensor at a glance

Measurement of air quality (VOC / CO2)

  • Air quality measurement method VOC or CO2 equivalent (CO2eq)
  • Four limit values for air quality

Temperature control

  • Preset temperature curves for different heating / cooling systems
  • Temperature ranges adjustable via KNX: Hot water, underfloor and electric heating, fan coil unit, split unit (air conditioning with outdoor unit)
  • Extension of the duration for the comfort temperature via push-button on the device

Humidity measurement

  • Four limit values for air humidity
  • Control of humidity, air quality and temperature (heating / cooling)

Control via KNX

  • Control or step mode
  • Setting of control values for air quality or room temperature or room humidity via rotary knob or object
  • PI controller (continuous), 2-point controller %, 2-point switching, PWM


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