The all-round technology for a healthy indoor climate

Our new OCCULOG® VOC sensors monitor the air. That means they warn as soon as there are too many volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air and indicate in stages when it is time to ventilate. With this function, they always ensure a healthy and perfect indoor climate. They are preferably used in offices, meeting rooms, schools, kindergartens and hospitals.

With the help of a built-in LED traffic light (with the colours green, yellow and red), the sensor warns by colour change of the LED as well as by an additional acoustic signal if the indoor air has reached a critical value. Then it is necessary to ventilate the rooms to protect health. Depending on the model, the threshold values for red and yellow can be adjusted with the IR-OCCULOG-1C remote control or with the BLE-IR adapter.


Our OCCULOG® sensors at a glance

The B.E.G. OCCULOG® VOC-wallsensor WS-VOC-HVAC-KNX measures air quality and humidity and is also a temperature controller. The air quality is determined by the organic volatile substances (VOC) in the air or CO2eq. One status LED each indicates the current status of the air quality and humidity in the traffic light colours red, yellow and green. The measured values can also be used for subsequent programming. For example, if the air quality is poor, the air conditioning can be switched on or a window can be opened automatically. With the integrated rotary wheel, the room user can set the temperature individually or use it as a controller for the air quality (ppm set value) or for the air humidity (relative humidity set value). Further KNX components enable even more comfort: the user can specify desired values or additionally link the control to presence via a KNX occupancy detector.

The PD2N-KNXs-OCCULOG® is our all-rounder for building automation. The ceiling sensor also measures air quality and humidity and is also a temperature controller. The air quality is indicated by the integrated status LED in the traffic light colours red, yellow and green and can thus be quickly recognised even from a distance. Switching on the air conditioning or automatically opening a window in case of poor air quality is possible, as the measured values can be used for follow-up programming. With the PD2N-KNXs-OCCULOG®, the light colour can also be regulated by means of integrated HCL control, while RGB control ensures colour-matched ambient lighting. The PD2N-KNXs-OCCULOG® can be controlled remotely with the BLE IR adapter and the B.E.G. One app.


The OCCULOG®-1C is our VOC indicator for good air quality. The remotely controllable 230V sensor measures the proportion of volatile organic compounds (VOC) contained in the air, with the help of which a CO2eq value is approximated. The air quality - and thus the exceeding of the limit value - can be signalled visually (LED traffic light with the colours green, yellow and red), acoustically (beeper) or by means of a relay contact. When a value of concern is reached, the sensor warns by changing colour or by an additional acoustic signal. The limit values can be adjusted via the B.E.G. One App / BLE-IR-Adapter or the IR remote control IR-OCCULOG-1C.


The meaning of the traffic light colours

Ventilation required

Ventilation recommended

Good air quality

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