Human Centric Lighting

We are the first manufacturer to have developed an occupancy detector with “Tunable White Function”. The detector regulates the colour temperature of the white tone in the room to provide the most beneficial influence on people’s biorhythms.

The detector uses pre-programmed colour values to control the colour temperature of the lights connected to it, so that the white in the room corresponds exactly to the optimum daylight white for that time of day. This means that lighting control is in tune with human biorhythms. Science calls this Human Centric Lighting (HCL). We call it: PureColour

Like all other DALI compact devices, the addressable TW detector “PureColour” comprises the DALI power supply with colour regulation for the electronic ballast/luminaire, a push-button control and a relay in just one housing. Bring sunshine into your building with the compatible LED panel.

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