Product Information

  • Bidirectional occupancy detector with integrated DALI controller for an energy-efficient and biologically effective light control (Human Centric Lifghting)
  • Very sensitive occupancy detector with the ability to address up to 64 DALI-DT8 Tunable White luminaires approved by B.E.G. and to control them in groups
  • The integrated real time clock regulates automatically the colour temperature and the brightness level in such a way that the human circadian rhythm is supported
  • 3 light zones:
    A for the main light with segmented HCL control via 3 groups and offset control,
    B for desk or accentuated illumination via a separate DALI group,
    C for desk or accentuated illumination via integrated relay
  • Pure Colour: An outdoor colour temperature light sensor, available as an accessory, can be used to measure / transmit the current daylight value.
  • Manual switching or dimming via conventional pushbuttons
  • Powerful switching relay for different operating modes, e.g. Cut-off function for DALI ballasts, HVAC, blackboard illumination.
  • Quick commissioning and maintenance processes via Smartphone/Tablet App (Android, iOS) - No PC-Tool required
  • Detection area can be extended with up to four Slave devices of type PD4-S-DAA4G
  • Complete range of functions can only be activated using the B.E.G. IR-Adapter and a compatible Smartphone or Tablet (Android, iOS).
110 - 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz
FC= Ø 117 x 100 mm
SM= Ø 124 x 85 mm
Power consumption:
approx. 0,3 W
Detection area:
circular 360°
max. Ø 24 m across
max. Ø 8 m towards
max. Ø 6,4 m seated
Monitored area (tangential movement):
450 m² / 2,5 m Mounting height
Mounting height min./max./recommended:
2 m / 10 m / 2,5 m
Degree / class of protection:
FC= IP20 / Class II
SM= IP20 / Class II
Ambient temperature:
-25 °C to +50 °C
Polycarbonate, UV-resistant
DALI Control
DALI output:
up to 64 DALI-EB , groupable in three DALI groups plus blackboard illumination or HVAC control
Follow-up time:
1 min - 150 min (Light zones)
Switch-on threshold:
10 - 2500 Lux
Relay (dry NO)
Switching power:
2300 W, cos φ = 1
1150 VA, cos φ = 0,5
300 W LED
Type of contact:
1x µ-contact, NO contact
Follow-up time:
5 s - 120 min (HVAC)
Description Colour Part number EAN number
PD4-M-HCL-FC white 93006 4007529930067
PD4-M-HCL-SM white 93007 4007529930074
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