Product Information

  • Occupancy detector for large heights with integrated DALI application controller for energy-efficient lighting control
  • External telescopic light sensor for a mounting height between 5 and 16 m (mechanically adjustable) for measuring the light according to the application.
  • DALI-2 certified product
  • Integrated DALI power supply
  • DALI interface for controlling digital, dimmable ECGs in broadcast mode
  • Manual switching or dimming via conventional pushbuttons
  • Bidirectional IR communication enables fast integration into the project management function of the B.E.G. One app
  • Complete range of functions can only be activated using the BLE-IR-Adapter and a compatible Smartphone or Tablet (Android, iOS).
  • Semi-automatic, full automatic, presence-independent or light-independent mode adjustable
  • Adjustable regulation dynamics (minimum and maximum values)
  • Adjustable speed and delay of the regulation
  • Single master version, not networkable
  • Detection area can be extended by using slave devices
  • Mixed light measurement with external light sensor
  • DALI output power can be increased with accessories
  • Integrated daylight harvesting circuit (or switch output)
  • Adjustable switch-on value
  • Last value - Reminder function for switch-on value
  • Adjustable brightness set value and reflection factor
  • Indication of the current light sensor value in the B.E.G. One App
  • Self-check and display of device errors in the B.E.G. One App
  • Status LEDs can be activated / deactivated
  • PIN code
  • Corridor function - Deactivates the possibility to switch off the light via the push-button
  • Number of DALI participants can be determined quickly and reliably via the B.E.G. Online DALI Line Planner
  • Software is backwards compatible with the first generation (except DSI, double lock and corridor function)
  • Factory setting 10 min follow-up time and 500 lux brightness set value
  • There are markings to ensure correct alignment during installation
  • When used in high-bay warehouses, care should be taken that, in the cross-aisles of the warehouse, detectors are installed that can detect movement only in the desired aisle locations, by using blinds or other technical arrangements.
  • Surface-mount version
  • Application examples:
    high-bay warehouse, sports halls/ storage rooms
230 V AC ±10% 50 Hz
Ø 101 x 76 mm
Power consumption:
approx. 2 W
slave devices:
up to 8
Detection area:
horizontal 360° oval (Ceiling mounting)
30 m x 19 m
Monitored area (tangential movement):
440 m² / 14 m mounting height
Mounting height min./max./recommended:
5 m / 16 m / 14 m
Degree / class of protection:
IP54 / Class II
Impact strength:
Ambient temperature:
-25 °C to +50 °C
polycarbonate, UV-resistant
Channel 1 (lighting control)
DALI output:
80 mA (-), 125 mA (max.), shut down mechanism
supported control gear:
DT0, DT5, DT6, DT7
supported control devices:
- (single master)
Follow-up time:
1 min – 150 min
Orientation light
10 – 30 % / OFF / 5 min – 60 min / ∞
Brightness set value:
10 – 2500 Lux
Mixed light measuring
Description Colour Part number EAN number
PD4-M-DACO-GH-SM DALI-2 white mat, similar to RAL9010 93469 4007529934690
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