Be responsible

Earth's resources are finite. We must treat them responsibly in order to preserve a habitable environment for future generations. B.E.G. has been developing products that significantly reduce the energy consumption of buildings since 1975. These include occupancy and motion detectors, which are used to control lighting and HVAC systems as required. In addition, floodlights with environmentally friendly LED technology or building automation systems such as DALI or KNX contribute to this goal.

We have optimised our product packaging to conserve resources. The packaging protects the products during transportation, but is then no longer needed and disposed of. Where plastic blisters and poly bags were used to protect our products, we now use cardboard and paper. Today, most of our product packaging is made from renewable materials. We have calculated that we will avoid 44 tons of plastic waste per year by converting our packaging.

The information inserts have also been reduced to a minimum. Since our products are usually sold in large quantities, product inserts such as operating instructions and other information are often thrown away. Therefore, we only enclose a short manual to our products, which we are legally obliged to do. The detailed instructions as well as further information such as our service points can be found quickly on our homepage. A QR code in the short manual leads the customer directly to the detailed PDF operating manual.

We have been certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 since 2010. This international environmental management standard stands for a continuous improvement process in the implementation of our environmental goals. We also focus on sustainability in our products: our high product quality leads to above-average product cycles. It goes without saying that we use high-quality raw materials and control the production processes and conditions at our production sites ourselves. When it comes to energy-efficient buildings, our headquarters in Lindlar sets a good example: building automation is handled by energy-saving KNX and DALI products. We also use geothermal energy for heating and solar energy via the photovoltaic system on the roof of our central warehouse.

In this way, we make an active contribution to climate protection.

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