Now new: KNX Generation 7

B.E.G. presents a new KNX generation which, in addition to the proven functions of the previous models, contains further features that make building automation easier than ever.

KNX Generation 7 inspires with comforting light which is created using the HCL technology. A new feature is that the optimum room climate is created in every room. The Generation 7 detectors with an integrated temperature sensor, through which individual room temperature control can now be achieved. An integrated offset control enables the setting of different brightness levels within a room. Complex links can be created via the fully integrated logic module.


In line with the new KNX generation, B.E.G. is launching the DALI/KNX gateway, which integrates motion and occupancy detectors as well as push-buttons into the DALI bus in addition to luminaires. Using the gateway not only reduces costs but also simplifies installation.

KNX Generation 7 - the secure solution for automated buildings

Buildings should not only be intelligent, but also safe and secure. All KNX Generation 7 detectors therefore feature KNX Secure, which prevents unauthorised access to the various KNX media.


Our all-round talent for a healthy indoor climate: The PD2N-KNXs-OCCULOG®-DX

Imagine how unpleasant it is when fresh air is reduced indoors and no window is opened – that is now a problem of the past. The PD2N-KNXs-OCCULOG®-DX is our multi-talented sensor for building automation. The ceiling sensor measures air quality and humidity and is also a temperature controller. Measured values are sent to the bus and can be used for ventilation control, for example.

The PD2N-KNXs-OCCULOG®-DX also has reliable presence detection for efficient lighting control, whereby the light colour is regulated by means of integrated HCL control. RGB control ensures a sense of well-being in the room via colour-matched ambient lighting.


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Practical examples from the B.E.G. trade fair stand

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