Outdoor motion detector with large detection range

With the new RC-plus next N outdoor motion detector, both the hardware and the software have been completely revised. In addi-tion, the product was given a facelift for a modern design. Digital sensors are now used to improve perfor-mance. The de-tection quality has been opti-mised and offers a temperature-stabilised range of up to 20m.
All parameters and programs, such as the twi-light switch func-tion or the holi-day and comfort function, can still be set using the B.E.G. remote control or the B.E.G. App. By reducing the sensitivity and manually adjust-ing the sensors, faulty switching by small animals is effectively reduced.


  • Motion detector with 130°, 230° or 280° detection area and anti-creep zone
  • Adjustable head
  • Mechanical range adjustment can be set per sensor
  • Digital sensors and improved algorithms
  • Simple installation with push-fit socket
  • Wall, ceiling or corner mounting
  • Immediate commissioning option with factory settings
  • Additional functions can be set up using the optional remote control
  • Remotely switchable with NC button or switch

Functions and setup


A: Blinds for blocking unwanted detection areas

B: Adjuster for precise mechanical range adjustment, individually for each sensor

C: Socket

D: Potentiometers for follow-up time and lux values

E: Potentiometers for lux values

F: 360° anti-creep zone, can be switched off by remote control

By moving the adjustable head in different directions, the detection area can be set up perfectly. The detector can also be mounted on the ceiling by turning the socket through 90°.

Settings and adjustment on device

Adjustment of range and detection angle

The range can be precisely adjusted by individual mechanical setting of each separate sensor. One sensor in the 130° model, two in the 230° model and three in the 280° model can be set independently of each other.


With a screw-driver, the basic parameters - range, follow-up time and the desired switch-on threshold - can be set directly at the detector via the potentiometers.




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