Ready-to-use and individual visualisations for KNX


The B.E.G. ViSTATION for KNX offers a visualisation of the system that is as individual as the system itself. Using plans, graphics, photos or drawings, the KNX system integrator creates an individual solution for his customer. All luminaires, sensors and other relevant KNX components are positioned via drag-and-drop, and the end customer receives a ready-to-use visualisation that allows manual intervention in addition to informative display.

Easy operation

On small displays such as smartphones, the tile view is used; on larger displays, the user can alternatively use the floor plan view. All values used in the KNX system, such as temperature, brightness, open doors/windows, etc., can be viewed via the visualisation. In addition to ETS programming, time switching values can be specified for the system via the ViSTATION. In this way, easy programming is also possible for the end user.

Simple and clear

The platform-independent web interface allows any commercially available tablet with an appropriate mounting frame to be used as a cost-effective control panel. User administration and the sophisticated distribution of rights are carried out centrally on the ViSTATION. This means that the end customer can create almost any number of users. It is also practical that the same authorisations only have to be created once and can then be automatically assigned to the users belonging to the group. This makes operation simple and clear for daily use.

Functions and operating instructions at a glance


System structure

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Secure interface between a LAN (IP, Ethernet) and KNX




The visualisation and remote server for KNX systems









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