New colors

Pure white, traffic white, anthracite and deep black. These are the colors of modern architecture. The requirements that this places on experts in building automation is the use of occupancy detectors that blend almost invisibly into interior spaces.

More and more frequently, the need for occupancy detectors in traffic white or dark colors arose in our projects. Especially for large common rooms, such as hotel lobbies or modern offices with black elements, which are often part of the modern industrial style, detectors are needed that integrate into the overall image of the room.

For B.E.G., excellent service means above all implementing customer wishes. This is how the color adaptations of the PD2N and PD4N detectors from the BMS Dali-2, DALI-LINK, DALI-SYS, DACO and KNX families came about. Thanks to the color variant accessories, the products can be integrated even better into your building architecture in the future and are thus hardly noticeable.

All those who value an unobtrusive and modern look can now enjoy more design freedom.

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